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    Substance Use: Therapy for Friends & Family

    More often than not, drug and alcohol addictions start in social situations, and for some people, it becomes more frequent. As time passes, a person may feel the need to use more of a drug to get their desired high, and soon a person may need the drug to simply feel “good.”

    When we see this happen to a loved one, we do everything we can to help. But sometimes, our unconditional love simply isn’t enough, and the journey of recovery feels like a constant roller coaster.

    Signs and symptoms of recent use include:

    • The feeling of exhilaration and excess confidence
    • Increased alertness
    • Increased energy and restlessness
    • Behavior changes or aggression
    • Rapid or rambling speech
    • Dilated pupils
    • Delusions and hallucinations
    • Irritability or changes in mood

    As a counselor with experience working with friends and family seeking to understand substance use and support their loved one, I am here to remind you that you should not have to do it alone. 

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