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    Coaching and Personal Development

    What is the difference between therapy and coaching and personal development?

    Coaching and personal development is a new approach to personal growth. Unlike counseling, coaching is focused on personal growth and progress toward your goals and is a collaborative effort between the two of us. Coaching is not designed to address, diagnosis or treat psychological issues.

    I work one-on-one with individuals to help them improve their overall well-being and focus on the present day and the future. I will provide support and encouragement in achieving your personal and/or professional goals by providing information, education, and an unbiased perspective.

    When you commit to coaching and wellness, think of me as your accountability partner. We should have at least one.

    I am interested in both therapy and coaching with Still I Rise Counseling Services. Can I do both?

    At this time since Stephanie is the primary counselor and coach, Still I Rise Counseling Services is unable to provide coaching and therapeutic services at the same time. We can provide you some referrals for the service you do not commit to.

    What should I expect with Coaching and Personal Development?

    Together, we will use the unique skills, gifts, and knowledge you already have to:

    • Identify the obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your goals;
    • Navigate significant life changes;
    • Motivate you to take risks and keep pushing through the difficult times.

    Goals can include (but not limited to):

    • Dating
    • Finances
    • Health and Wellness
    • Professional Wellness
    • Relationships and Friendships
    • Self-Esteem

    Give me a call today and let’s set up a time to talk about how we can work together to help you attain a happier, healthy life.

    Coaching and Personal Development Sessions

    Exploratory Session

    • 90-minute introduction session
    • Identification: Identify what is preventing you from accomplishing your goal(s).
    • Reflection and Discovery: Identifying aspirations and values
    • Goal Setting: Developing a personalized plan

    Individual Coaching and Personal Development (after the Exploratory Session)

    • Implementation
    • Motivation and Accountability Call: One weekly 20-minute call to check-in, motivate you and coach you through the change you are seeking.
    • Session goals vary and depend on the Coaching Session Prep Form completed prior to session.

    Coaching and Personal Development should not be a substitute for professional counseling.